Memorial Pier

by Jack Brady

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Inspired by an abandoned pier on a forgotten lake, Memorial Pier is an ode to the loner, the wanderer, and the wonderer. It’s the happy medium between pain and growth and joy and suffering. It’s the will to keep on keeping on despite life’s curious predicaments.


released May 5, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Joe Reggio in a sky lit loft in Sea Bright, NJ

Special Thanks to:

Ryan LoPilato for arranging the album artwork. Not Really Record Co, Lake Tamarack, the atlantic ocean, and everyone who inspired me and pushed me to complete this album.




Jack Brady Oakland, New Jersey

Jack Brady is the psuedonym of multi-instrumentalist Joe Reggio. From the lakes, rivers, and seashores of NJ comes the home-ish sound waves of still, flowing and turbulent mental textures. In reference to forgotten places named after forgotten people.

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Track Name: Walter Beaver
He was the best damn scout in all the land
Had a metal spoon shaped like a hand
He’d come to the shore and sip a beer
Inscribed on a rock “walter beaver wuz here”
He was the best damn scout in all the land
Had two left feet made out of sand
Didn’t know where he was but here I am
I’m walter beaver JR and I’ll be damned
Walter Jr. was his only son
He knew he was the only one
Had five seashells and one shotgun
Shot himself in the head then he was done
Track Name: Dead is God
No one knows how life begun
There’s a couple rocks between you and the sun
Thank god your sitting on the right one

WELL time and space oh what a waste
The same ideas in a different place
I feel like I should change the pace
But my clock is stuck at the same rate

God is dead ain’t that a shame
You’ll never learn to love again
Split your mind open and eat your brain
‘Cause life is nothing but endless pain
Track Name: Jack Brady Swims
Walkin at a glacial pace gotta throw yourself into the lake
Got no one there to justify the reasons we live the reasons we die
I was floatin idly by a hand reached down from the sky
Picked me up and then it put me down
Said, “how do you like life here on the ground?”
I said I think but I ain’t sure life is good for what it’s worth
But it ain’t worth shit no more
Walkin at a glacial pace someday soon I’ll melt into the lake
And one day you’ll go for a swim
My body will wash over your skin
And you’ll know
It’s me.
Track Name: Right Foot Left Town
Right foot left foot left foot right keep on walking through the night
Right foot left foot left foot right keep on walking towards the light
Grey suit white suit grey suit black keep on walking don’t look back
Grey suit white suit grey suit black pick the perfect tie to match
One foot first, the other next
Until you take your final steps
You go right and I’ll go left
The light will shine on our last breath
Track Name: Jack Brady Grows
You grow
Into your skin
You learn
You begin
You grow
Stuck inside of my own mind
I mind myself I mind the time
True love I search I never find
Sometimes I think I’m wasting time
You stab me and I stab back
Vicious cycle heart attack
I felt your heart and it was black
Not enough to turn me back
Track Name: Rain?
Running through the thoughts in my mind
I’ve got no one to keep me alive
Cause when you make it to the other side
They aren’t gonna ask you how you died
That is that this is this
I’ve got no one left that I will miss
I never knew if I should behave
I dig myself a shallow grave and dive right in
Runnin in circles and talking in squares
Your life’s a joke you’re not self aware
I know